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About Avooga

Avoo-ga [avu-gah] noun

A freebie, freebie coupled with purchase from a business to end user to establish a continued following on avooga.com.

How does it work?

Every Avooga is FREE! All you've got to do is create a profile, press the "Claim" button, and Avooga, its your's to use.

Why Avooga?

We have a zero e-commerce aspect to our business. All Avoogas are free to claim and cost the customer nothing upfront (depending on the type of Avooga). To increase call-to-action, all Avoogas are time sensitive and might be limited to a single use.

For My Business?

Avooga's core value lies in our platform tool set that allows businesses to reach specific consumer markets through targeted advertising, unique promotions, and customized email campaigns. Unlike most deal sites we do not take money from already heavily discounted deals allowing us to offer free products! Our end goal is to promote synergized growth with our partners.